Why Defexpo 2020?

India's sheer size, geo-political standing and growing military alliance with the United States make it a prime market for American companies looking to export aerospace, defense and security products.


With spending on the rise, a new openness to foreign direct investment is shifting the industry dynamics of the region, giving some preference to private, indigenous manufacturers and suppliers, opening new channels for global supply-chain partnerships and inviting overseas interests to invest in local operations. The country has budgeted $100 billion for defense acquisitions over the next five years — including a 15% increase in 2018 over 2017. 

b>Defexpo 2018 capitalizes on this momentum to present a world-class showcase of and for the Indian aerospace, defense and security industries. Key to its pedigree, the event is organized by the Indian Ministry of Defense and fully supported by the government of India. If you are looking to grow your business in this part of the world, you can't afford to miss this show.



Why exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion

What will this mean for you?
• More participation from the highest  levels of the United States government 
• Extra exposure to show visitors
• More U.S. aircraft on static display
• Join our USA hosted VIP events
• Opportunity to share your thought leadership in our presentation area
• Enhanced exhibitor visibility options


For more than a decade, Kallman Worldwide has been active in supporting American participation in Defexpo. 

Experience more of what you're going for at Defexpo India 2020!

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in Sydney by maximizing your impact at Defexpo India 2020. Learn about our exclusive program features here, and start planning to take advantage of them there.

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Meet Your Team

Carolyn Carniaux Project Manager

Carolyn Carniaux

Project Manager


I have the pleasure to work with a team of dedicated experts who represent both internal and external stakeholders. It is my job to ensure that the ball is moving forward to the collective goal of an overall successful show for U.S. International Pavilion exhibitors. In planning, we usually hit both bumps and smooth patches along the way – much like the actual roads we travel in the diverse and exciting destinations we work in across the globe!

Jonathan DeBarge Account Manager

Jonathan DeBarge

Account Manager


Peter Kelley Project Manager

Peter Kelley

Project Manager


Samantha Eichmann

Project Coordinator



As Kallman Worldwide's newest Project Coordinator, I've enjoyed learning the "ins" and "outs" of the trade show business over the last year. When I'm not at my desk caffeinating and singing along to country music, you can find me outside on a run, or in the kitchen baking something sweet!

Sharon Slender, Senior Operations Specialist

Sharon Slender

Senior Operations Specialist

+1 (201) 251-2600 x 111


In the trade show industry for over 34 years and still love giving exhibitors the “wow” factor to help them accomplish their marketing message with their booth design.