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Coronavirus & Show Cancellation Update — March 23, 2020

When the world looks for leadership and innovation it turns to the United States, and when American exporters look to meet overseas buyers and decision-makers, they turn to Kallman Worldwide. 

From raw floor space to our flagship USA Partnership Pavilion, custom stand-building and end-to-end exhibitor services, Kallman delivers more of what you're going for — unique opportunities to build business relationships around the world by maximizing your impact at international trade events.

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Our Services

Everything you need to succeed.

At trade shows around the world, Kallman’s flagship service, the USA Partnership Pavilion, is America’s business-to-business headquarters, the on-site hub of the U.S. export community.

At the world’s great air shows, corporate chalets offer the ultimate executive escape from the exhibit floor. The Partnership Chalet introduces a co-op option that makes C-level luxury more accessible and affordable.

USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitors start the show with a competitive advantage. Kallman Marketing & Media magnifies your presence and amplifies your message to persuade more prospects to pay extra attention to you.

Simply deciding to go to a show doesn’t get you there. Kallman Exhibitor Services is your hedge against the distance, details and distractions that could derail your efforts — before they get in your way.

You’ve come too far to just blend in now. Stand out with a custom-built stand from Kallman Creative Services, and take pride in an event destination that’ll stop visitors in their tracks and jumpstart those sales conversations.

Just ask. We’ll tell you everything we know. Kallman Consulting Services provides guidance to venue owners or developers planning new facilities, as well as companies looking to enter or expand their presence in overseas markets.