Why Seoul ADEX 2021?

With nuclear saber-rattling to the north and presidents Moon and Trump pursuing a peaceful dialogue there, the next Seoul ADEX is uniquely framed with extra urgency and intrigue.

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

The spirit of confidence and cooperation that has marked the relationship between the United States and South Korea since the signing of the Mutual Defense pact in 1953 gives American exhibitors a market advantage at Seoul ADEX 2021:

  • Korean defense forces are overwhelmingly equipped with American-made equipment (on a five-year average [2010-2014], U.S. defense products accounted for around 85% of Korea’s total defense imports)
  • U.S. OEMs, suppliers and services companies sell and operate end-to-end in the country’s commercial aviation sector
  • NASA is a primary advisor on the Republic’s first lunar orbiter project under the Mid- to Long-Term Space Development Plan.

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