Why Land Forces 2020?

Take advantage of the Australian Defense Forces upgrading and revitalization of their military and get the bonus of the entire Indo -Asian- Pacific region attending Land Forces 2020!  


These three lively geographical areas beckon to the American suppliers of defense equipment and services for all three services. Taking Australia alone, consider the $35 billion appropriation, ear-marked for land combat and amphibious warfare to provide greater mobility, firepower, protection and situational awareness.

From its central location, Australia attracts government and commercial interests from the far-flung Indo-Asian-Pacific region. During the three-day run of Land Forces, exhibitors will discuss serious proposals from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, China, Singapore or Pakistan.
The Chiefs of Army, senior military leaders and High-level defense professionals from the above and many other countries are invited to Land Force show and will attend the Chief of Army Seminar that takes place simultaneously.

2016 Defence White Paper

The 2016 Defence White Paper released on 25 February 2016 delivers on the Government’s commitment to the safety of the Australian people and to the defence our territory and national interests. The Defence White Paper sets out a comprehensive, responsible long term plan for Australia’s defence. The Government is investing in Defence to ensure that we have the armed forces we need to protect Australia and to secure our interests in the coming decades.

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

Have you ever had a face-to-face meeting with the U.S. Embassy in in Australia? Or met the U.S. Ambassador to Australia? 


Or met the U.S. Ambassador to Australia? Kallman Worldwide has established relationships with the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, the Ambassador’s office, Office of Defense Cooperation, International Offices of the Chiefs of Army, U.S. American Chamber of Commerce and many more influential offices in the region. Our reach is far and wide to bring you U.S. VIP’s, International VIP’s and Industry VIP’s to the show and more importantly directly to the USA Partnership Pavilion. This is just a portion of the standard package of services and amenities that are offered to our exhibitors. As a USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitor, you receive personal attention from your sales contact to project management in booth design, media and marketing support, attention to detail during build-up, and any onsite needs. Great booth location, onsite exhibitors lounge, conference rooms, and friendly staff are just more benefits of the exhibitor experience you will receive in the USA Partnership Pavilion. In addition to our highly attended USA Partnership Pavilion Opening Ceremony, at Land Force 2020 Kallman Worldwide is proud to be organizing an inaugural USA VIP Reception. As a member of the USA Partnership Pavilion you receive invitations to these noteworthy events and many more which gives you an advantage to network with high level U.S. VIP’s and International delegations.  


Experience more of what you're going for at Land Forces 2020!

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in Sydney by maximizing your impact at Land Forces 2020. Learn about our exclusive program features here, and start planning to take advantage of them there.

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