Chilean Mining Industry Objective: ENERGY

The Government has an "Energy Route 2018-2022: Leading the Modernization with Citizen Seal" and through the Solar Committee, is carrying out the Solar Strategic Program.

The Chilean mining industry has set itself the objective of increasing its competitiveness and among the challenges to be solved is the cost of energy, an essential resource for the process and whose use is also necessary for the treatment and transportation of water resources.


The country is committed to gradually reducing CO2 emissions in the copper production chain - Green Mining. The change of the energy source to renewable energies will contribute significantly in this.

This Mining region counts with the Integrated Territorial Program of "Development of the Industry of Related Services for the Energy Sector of the Antofagasta Region". Today there is a set of actions and actors working in the development of the energy sector and, especially, in renewable energies.

The provision of information in the market facilitates the improvement and creation of new technologies that allow to make processes more efficient, improve productivity and increase the competitiveness of the industry

Why Exhibit in the IFT-ENERGY Pavilion?

Exponor mining show is a relevant player in the support of the energy industry and in its 2019 edition will have for the first time the 'IFT-Energy Pavilion', the ideal place to interact with relevant actors of the energy sector and be part of the organized activities by the Government´s Seremía de Energía of the Antofagasta Region and the Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) for the generation of more and better business opportunities.


Organized by Kallman Worldwide & the AIA (Industrial Association of Antofagasta) the IFT- Energy Pavilion will take place at one of the world's most influential mining events. 

Focal location inside the Silver Pavilion next to the Regional Energy Ministry Office (Seremin), Invited guest nation the China Pavilion and the biggest international Pavilion the USA Partnership Pavilion.

Gathering point where you will find:

  • Energy generating companies.
  • Suppliers of the energy industry.
  • Provider companies with solutions for energy efficiency.
  • Trade associations of the energy sector.
  • Universities and research centers oriented towards renewable energies.
  • Public institutions, associations, and media of the energy industry.

Strategic Partners and Sponsors

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Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna

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I’ve been planning and implementing global events for more than 25 years. Drawing from public sector experience — including a stint in the White House Office of Scheduling and Advance — and private sector work at virtually every level of event organization, I focus on identifying show-starved industries and building the infrastructure to launch and sustain major events that feed a growing need.

Barbara Reyes

Barbara Reyes

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Creative Services Sales Executive


I have been working for the last two years in Creative Services at Kallman where I have learned the importance of team work abroad. We move around the world for our clients allowing me to know new cultures and new ways to work which contributed to broaden my professional growth.

Llevo dos años trabajando como Creative Services en Kallman los cuales me han enseñado mucho que es lo que significa el trabajo en equipo en el extranjero. Acompañamos a nuestros clientes a todas partes lo que implica conocer nuevas culturas y nuevas formas de trabajo que han enriquecido mi crecimiento profesional.

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Each project that I work on, it is a new challenge where I put all my efforts for making it successful. Communicating the market trends and innovations in the Kallman projects is an important task. The shaping and promotion of each piece is a job that involves great part of our team. This team work is focused on the satisfaction of our customers and in the new challenges, which it convinces me day-by-day that I am in the right place.

Cada proyecto en el que trabajo, es un nuevo desafío al que le pongo todas las ganas para que sea exitoso. Comunicar las tendencias del mercado y las innovaciones en los proyectos Kallman es una tarea importante. La creación y difusión de cada pieza es un trabajo que involucra a gran parte de los que trabajamos aquí. Ese trabajo en equipo orientado a la satisfacción de nuestros clientes y los nuevos desafíos, es lo que me convence diariamente de que estoy en el lugar correcto.

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After 30 years of serving in the Chilean Air Force in different areas such as Finances, Salaries, Logistics, Human Resources) towards the end of 2014 I undertook an exciting challenge to join the Kallman team, a totally different duty to the ones that I was used to. To achieve my goals in this new challenge, my background as general accountant and commercial assistant helped, but primarily the big support of the team that we have here in Kallman Latin America

Después de haber trabajado por más de 30 años en la Fuerza Aérea en distintas áreas (Finanzas, remuneraciones, logística, personal), hacia fines del año 2014 emprendí un gran desafío el cual fue integrarme a Kallman, algo totalmente diferente a las labores que yo realizaba. Para poder lograr mis objetivos en este nuevo reto me ayudó de cierta manera mi experiencia por el título de contador general y asistente ejecutiva comercial que poseo, pero sobre todo el gran apoyo del grupo humano que formamos en Kallman Latin America.

Claudia Caceres

Claudia Caceres

Sales Account Executive 

I’ve worked for more than 12 years in organizing events. Now that I joined the Kallman team, I am happy to contribute with my experience to all the different challenges and following providing a customized service to customers.  

He trabajado por más de 12 años organizando eventos. Ahora que me integré al equipo de Kallman, estoy feliz de poder contribuir con mi experiencia en todos los desafíos que se presenten y seguir otorgando un servicio personalizado a los clientes.