Why Exhibit at EXPONOR 2017?

Metals, minerals, materials, energy. Below the surface the mining business is rebounding in South America, and Chile’s Antofagasta region is bracing for the boom.


The Antofagasta Region represents the mining core of Chile, with 54% of the nation’s copper mined and produced here. On a global level, 16% of the world’s copper comes from Antofagasta; in addition, Antofagasta is the world’s leader of various other metallic and non-metallic minerals.

EXPONOR 2017’s “point-of-sale proximity” to major mining operations in and around Antofagasta makes it a ground-level opportunity for any company that can help operators in the region produce more for less. And the word is out: the 2015 show saw more than 1,000 exhibitors and 42,000 visitors from 30 countries, and organizers are projecting a bigger show in 2017.

To sharpen your focus — and your pencils — organizers have published a detailed outline of the industry’s operational needs and challenges to increase productivity, increase resources, protect the environment and improve worker safety. A transitional shift from open-pit to deep-drill methods will surely influence decisions, including new equipment purchases.

Whether you’re already connected in Antofagasta or looking to break in, it's time to stake your claim in Chile.


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Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

As an American exhibitor at EXPONOR 2017, you start with a four-fold advantage even before you arrive in Antofagasta:

  1. Preference for brand U.S.A. — the United States is the second largest exporter to Chile (20% of total imports) and a free-trade partner since 2004
  2. America is a top exporter of heavy construction and mining equipment to Chile, with $6.6 billion in sales from 2011-2015 and well-positioned to gain share as markets rebound there
  3. Kallman Worldwide is the official U.S. representative and organizer of the USA Partnership Pavilion at EXPONOR 2017. We also operate a professionally staffed Latin America office in Santiago, giving you a strong local connection to this important global market
  4. The United States is the official “Guest Nation” of EXPONOR 2017, a designation that means extra visibility, attention and support from the show for U.S. exhibitors. When U.S. Ambassador Carol Z. Perez cuts the ribbon to officially open the USA Partnership Pavilion at EXPONOR – all eyes will be focused on the United States of America and the U.S. companies gathered under one roof in the Silver Pavilion.

Now turn up the volume by exhibiting in the USA Partnership Pavilion to enhance your event opportunities, strengthen business relationships and maximize your market impact at the show. From pre-show support to on site activities including VIP hospitality, market briefings and mine tours, Kallman improves your prospects for success at this important event. Review the details below, and contact us to lock in your location on the front lines of Chile's mines.

Joan Williams
Project Manager

Here's your road map.

Organizers have outlined what to sell and who's buying — and the USA Partnership Pavilion makes it easy for them to find you!

A wide-open market promises to get deeper as industry begins the migration from open-pit to deep drilling.

In addition to more familiar inventory needs such as heavy construction, extraction, processing and safety equipment — and related parts, repair and maintenance supplies — specialized products and services in higher demand include drilling rigs, hardened drill bits, blasting, mine-ventilation, robotics, mine doors, underground logistical systems, geo-testing, remote optical sensors and other deep-drilling-related technologies.

  • Heavy equipment, processing equipment, machinery and parts
  • Energy, engineering services and electrical articles; automation and control
  • Advisory services, human resources and training
  • Logistics, telecommunications and complementary services
  • Process & construction engineering
  • Hardware and tools
  • Civil and industrial safety
  • Exploration, utilization, surveying and drilling

Special Focus: USA Guest Nation


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In 2015, EXPONOR hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors from 30 countries, and 40,000 visitors, including buyers from some of the regions's biggest operators — BHP Billiton, Rio TInto, Anglo American, Freeport-McMoran, Barrick Gold, Glencore and Codelco. To foster conversation, organizers coordinated more than 100 technical talks and nearly 2,000 meetings with mining company executives.

Organizers estimate the last edition generated nearly $1 billion in sales among participants, and the show is expected to grow in 2017.

3 Strategic Conferences staged for Exponor 2017: "Global Mining, National Challenges", "Virtuous Mining: a Platform for Chile's Future" and "Mining Investment Projects in Chile."

7 Mining companies hosted on-site visits in 2015:  Sierra Gorda SCM, Codelco División Chuquicamata, Codelco División Ministro Hales, Codelco División Radomiro Tomic, Spence - BHP Billiton Pampa Norte, SQM, Barrick Zaldivar y Rockwood Litio 

1,825 Face-to-Face meetings took place during Exponor 2015 between 463 exhibiting companies and 85 mining company executives.

108 Technical Talks took place, an increase of 20% compared to 2013's event.

Two After-Office Networking sessions were organized at Exponor 2015: The Asia-Pacific Evening with delegations from the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada, China and other Asian countries, and the Europe-Africa Evening with delegations from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and South Africa.

The USA Partnership Pavilion is your export advantage at EXPONOR. Because it presents the highest concentration of U.S. equipment and services at the show, it's a magnet for buyers looking for American quality, innovation and partnership. As the designated "Guest Nation", the U.S. will be featured in pre-show and on-site activities that will surely attract more interest from buyers, opinion-leaders and influencers.

In addition to our complete suite of pre-show, on-site and post-show services, capitalize on the extra attention, activities and access we're planning to generate for American suppliers:

  • Participation of U.S. Commercial Service representatives from Latin American capital cities
  • Industry briefings with representatives of local/regional mining companies
  • Focal Area for Sustainable Energy in Mining
  • B2B Meeting Facilitation
  • Networking Opportunities to meet with regional and international visiting delegations and dignitaries
  • Continuing a five-year tradition stretching between MINExpo in Las Vegas to EXPONOR in Antofagasta, our evening "Miners’ Night Out" will welcome an entourage of VIP’s from government and industry
  • Heightened media coverage of the USA Partnership Pavilion due to our appointed status as the featured Guest Nation
Joan Williams
Project Manager

Deep connections. Wide support.

Kallman's operated in Chile for three decades, and we staff a full-time office in Santiago. Capitalize on our inside access to decision-makers and influencers in country to generate more attention and interest at EXPONOR.

U.S. Department of Commerce
The mission of the Department is to create the conditions for America's economic growth and opportunity

U.S. Commercial Service
The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets.

U.S. Embassy, Santiago
U.S. Embassy Santiago, proudly representing the American people, works to strengthen our bilateral ties with Chile, address global challenges, advance human rights, and further the security and prosperity of the United States. The Americans and Chileans who constitute our team represent many U.S. government agencies and come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience and skill to this Embassy. Using the resources entrusted to us, we lead efforts that bring the U.S. and Chile together in a productive and mutually beneficial partnership.

Ministry of Energy, Chile
The Ministry of Energy is the cabinet-level administrative office in charge of matters related to energy in Chile.

Ministry of Mining, Chile
To lead the development of public mining policies aimed at raising the contribution of mining activity to national development, diversifying the activity to take advantage of the resources available in sustainable conditions and valued by the citizens.

Chilean Copper Commission
The Chilean Copper Commission (COCHILCO) is a specialized technical agency established in 1976. Cochilco advises the Chilean government on matters concerning the production of copper and copper byproducts and metals and industrial minerals mining, except coal and fuels. Both Chilean and foreign miners acknowledge Cochilco as a reliable source providing timely assessments of leading sector issues and problem-solving policy, strategy, and action proposals. Given its inclusive nature, Cochilco provides a common ground for public and private players seeking to work on initiatives designed to bolster mining sector growth.


The Chilean North American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Chile, is a binational chamber of commerce founded in Valparaíso on December 23, 1918. It represents the sectors and companies involved in trade or investing in the United States and/or in Chile, be they local, American or binational. AmCham boasts 550 partners, which currently provide employment for over 430,000 people.

APRIMIN, the Association of Industrial Suppliers of Mining, was created in December 2003 with the basic objective of promoting the rationalization, development, protection, progress, improvement and information of the mining industry.

SONAMI, the National Mining Society of Chile, has been the reference and voice of small, medium and large private mining in Chile since 1883.

Trade and industry news reports influence the decisions attendees make about where to spend their valuable time during the show. Industry media reports are also critical sources for professionals who can’t attend.

Our long-standing editorial and marketing relationships with leading mining industry media companies bring extra attention and insight to the USA Partnership Pavilion at EXPONOR 2017. Look for real-time Headline News from our industry media partners on our website and at our on-site Newsstand during the event, where you can also pick up copies of their latest publications.

Engineering & Mining Journal
E&MJ has provided in-depth editorial and operational insight to the international mining community for 150 years, and continues to serve the industry with an experienced and knowledgeable editorial staff.

Equipo Minero
Mining professionals throughout Latin and South America trust Equipo Minero for mining news. Published four times a year en Español, Equipo Minero reaches the region's most important producers.

Rock & Dirt
Rock & Dirt is the equipment marketplace.

WorldWideDrilling Resource
"WorldWide's" mission is to serve the industry we have a lot of respect and admiration for - DRILLING - across the globe and beyond. WorldWide Drilling Resource Drilling Magazine brings the most up-to-date information, services, equipment, and technology to the forefront to enable you, whether you are a driller, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer, to perform your job with the least amount of effort possible with the best results. In addition, these magazine articles are a great resource for anyone working in the drilling industry - from the president to the clerk, it will aid you in your everyday work.

In addition to industry-wide PR and media relations efforts, Kallman will work directly with international media leaders to provide news, information and insight to the USA Partnership Pavilion during Exponor 2017.

Social media will play an important role in promoting the Pavilion and the greater U.S. presence at Exponor, too. Join the conversation @kallmanEWC #USPavilion

Antofagasta Industry Association
Leading business association of northern Chile, representing the interests of the leading players in the mining, energy and water sectors.

Joan Williams
Project Manager

 Expo More.

Stand out as a USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitor at EXPONOR 2017 with more promotion and media support from Kallman.

Turnkey Design
Bring your products, promotions and people and move right in. Our templated designs and materials give your booth the uniform “look-and-feel” of the Pavilion while allowing you the flexibility to customize and scale your layout.

Your ready-made stand includes:

  • Hard Wall Panels + Fascia
  • Lockable Reception
  • Wastebasket
  • Table with Chairs
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Spotlights 
  • Carpet
  • Literature Rack

Ask about upgraded features to create a more branded presentation.

Space Only
Get in on the ground floor with this raw space option and design your dream stand (minimum sqm required). The  Space Only option includes all USA Partnership Pavilion services and amenities.

Custom Build with Kallman Creative Services
Turn that raw floor space into a showplace! Work with Kallman Creative Services to design and build a standout exhibit from the ground up. Whether your emphasis is on high-end hosting and hospitality or high-volume lead-generation, challenge our team to create the perfect scheme.

Executive Club Membership
Walk the show with full access to all Pavilion amenities.

The centerpiece of our program is the Guide to USA Partnership Pavilion Exhibitors. It's essential reading for international buyers looking for U.S. suppliers, and Kallman distributes hundreds-to-thousands of copies on site at the show. For Expo-Nor 2017, we'll also post an interactive online directory at kallman.com for worldwide reference. Every exhibitor in the USA Partnership Pavilion receives a free listing in the Guide and a cross-reference in their product or service categories.

Paid upgrades include:

  • Enhanced listings (boldface or color text)
  • Logo placements
  • Space advertising

Associate your brand with exclusive, high profile USA Partnership Pavilion features that engage more attendees and VIPs.

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
Share the spotlight and meet with distinguished visitors (DVs) and VIPs when the Pavilion opens on Day 1.

VIP Reception
The USA Partnership Pavilion VIP reception gives sponsors and exhibitors an opportunity to network with high-ranking U.S. regional VIPs, senior Embassy personnel and local business leaders. In coordination with the U.S. Embassy diplomatic corps, Kallman Worldwide anticipates a well-attended VIP event.

Meeting Point Exhibitors Lounge
This crossroads of the Pavilion is a favorite hang-out for a wide cross-section of VIPs and DVs, officials, buyers, decision-makers, influencers and friends. Select from our menu of proven options, or ask how we can invent a unique feature just for you.

Conference rooms
Pavilion Conference Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by exhibitors who need a private space for team or client/prospect meetings. Place your logo and promotional message inside one or more Pavilion Conference Rooms to be included in every conversation.

Carpet stars
Make every step a statement with big, branded, ground-level graphics featuring your logo and message at key intersections throughout the Pavilion.

Add your logo exclusively to the official Pavilion lanyards.

The Newsstand
The Newsstand is the on-site information center located at the front of the Meeting Point Exhibitors Lounge, the highest traffic area in the USA Partnership Pavilion. The Newsstand features a live, scrolling display of real-time show and market headlines on a centerpiece flat-screen monitor flanked by take-away publications from the industry’s top publishers. Sponsor the Newsstand and share the spotlight with the show’s best sources.

If you’re planning to promote news at the show (a product or service launch, a thought-leadership initiative or insight, upgrades, patents — even new personnel), tell us about it and we’ll get the word out to our network of show dailies, registered show media and international contacts who cover your industry around the world. 

"Ask America" Advocacy Campaign
The United States is committed to our international trade partnerships, we bring the best technology and innovation to the table, and we have the most-skilled, professional workforce to do the job. That’s the message of “Ask America” Kallman’s exclusive, integrated advocacy campaign to heighten awareness of U.S. exhibitors among industry buyers and influencers — those who are planning to attend, as well as those who are interested but can’t go to the show.

Every USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitor is invited to submit show news to be included in the “Ask America” Pavilion Preview press release — at no cost.

Campaign features include, but are not limited to:

  • Before, during and post-show efforts to place news stories about the Pavilion in trade media, registered show media and show dailies
  • Before, during and post-show social media #AskAmerica (see below) ·
  • Remarks and signage at the North American Pavilion Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting
  • Supported by “Ask America” brand advertising in media partner networks and on-site publications

Social Media
Kallman Worldwide is committed to your success online, as well as on site, with social media support that extends your Milipol Asia-Pacific outreach and impact. Social media can help you generate buzz, increase brand exposure, and strengthen relationships with buyers, opinion-leaders and influencers! Whether you’re active on social media or just looking to dip your toe in the water, we offer simple, low-risk support to USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitors. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Flickr — and let us know how to follow you, too.

Strategic Partners and Sponsors

Current News From Our Media Partners

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Meet Your Team

Oshaira Rojas, Operations Specialist

Oshaira Rojas

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I am responsible for the implementation of all operational details of assigned trade shows from start to finish. My experience working within the hospitality industry has demonstrated attention to detail, teamwork, high-quality service and communication are all necessary to maintain a well-composed operation that resonates with our clients. My passion for events planning and coordination is where I get inspiration to develop clients’ visions and make pavilions come to life.

Jodi Munzer Sales Associate Medical Mining Oil Gas

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Joan Williams

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