Why Exhibit at Expodefensa 2019?

Rarely can an exhibition claim “continental reach” — one concentrated marketplace that extends beyond its national borders to attract blue-ribbon prospects from every other country in the neighborhood; north to south, east to west.


Expodefensa in Bogota is one of those shows. Originally established as an industry showcase serving the internal security and external defense needs of Colombia, the event is expanding under the new management of COGES, organizer of Eurosatory (Paris) and Asia-Pacific Homeland Security (Singapore), to serve the greater tri-service (land, sea and air) defense and security needs of all South and Central America. Historically, the show has proven the ability to attract official delegations (in 2017, more than 76 delegations from 30 countries), which in turn attract more exhibitors. As its influence grows and the dynamics of the region continue to shift, Expodefensa is moving aggressively to widen the scope and scale of event programs to serve more industry decision-makers, opinion leaders, influencers. If you’re looking to expand your defense and security business in Latin  America, Expodefensa is your show!

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

Colombia ranks as the fourth highest defense spender in the Americas, and its high standards for military equipment ensure U.S. imports will continue to be the first choice of defense and security procurement officers.


The U.S. encourages this preference with significant foreign direct investment into Colombia — $20.9 billion in 2016. Kallman Worldwide builds on that equity with more than a decade of experience working with the show and the organizers. Our USA Partnership Pavilion delivers more on the floor — and our Santiago-based Latin America office adds a home-field advantage with extra fluency in the language, culture and industry marketplace. From pre-show administrative, marketing and exhibitor services to on-site support and activities — media relations, networking, delegation tours, business center, exhibitor lounge and conference rooms and 24/7 trouble-shooting — Kallman clears the way for more success and sales in Latin and South America at Expodefensa.


Carolyn Carniaux
Project Manger

Latin America is buying!

The demand for tri-service defense and security needs in Latin America and the Caribbean region are growing and so is Expodefensa! The show will attract high-ranking commercial, military and government delegations - the USA Partnership Pavilion will be a focal point for anyone looking for U.S. innovation, quality and commitment.

Expodefensa 2019  is an international exhibition specialized in technological development and innovation for Defense and Security Forces. It is organized around four core market sectors:


  • The Colombian army is looking into upgrading all its security protection systems (convoy security, security walls and fences, and video surveillance systems). The National Police is going to expand its activity on civilian and urban surveillance, adapting its force and upgrading its equipment to this environment. The Colombian government will intensify military actions and spending to fight narco terrorism, and insure security gains through its police force, especially to develop security surveillance and enforcement in remote and isolated regions of the country.

Civil Aviation

  • The aviation industry in Colombia is growing at a rate greater than 10% per year. In 2009, the country was handling 15.6 million passengers, while in 2013 it reached 28 million. The projections are that Colombia will grow to around 35 million passengers within the next few years. The Colombian government has increased investment in aeronautical infrastructure due to the increasing demand on airport traffic.

Military Aviation

  • In 1990, the U.S. Office of Aviation and Narcotics Affairs provided 18 UH- 1N helicopters, buying 36 more over the years. In 2010, the Colombian military had 280 helicopters and 200 fixed-wing aircraft with no major new purchases projected until 2015 with the exception of some possible interest to purchase helicopters with higher capacity to transport troops and equipment. Due to recent aircraft acquisition, there are significant opportunities for training, parts and maintenance for these aircraft, especially for Blackhawk rotor blades repair services and erosion-resistant coating systems.

Defense Systems

  • On average, the total military spending is 3.5 percent of Colombia’s total GDP. Under Plan Colombia, significant U.S. funding, technical assistance, and equipment support has been provided to Colombian-led counter narcotic programs for drug eradication and interdiction, and expansion of the capacity of Colombian military and police.

The 2017 edition of Expodefensa reported strong attendance and industry participation:

  • 269 exhibitors from 32 countries 
  • 72%  international exhibitors
  • 3,952 professional visitors
  • 76 official delegations from 30 countries


The USA Partnership Pavilion is your export advantage at Expodefensa. Because it presents the highest concentration of U.S. equipment and services at the show, it's a magnet for buyers looking for American quality, innovation and partnership.

In addition to our complete suite of pre-show, on-site and post-show services, capitalize on the extra attention, activities and access we're planning to generate for American suppliers:

  • Launch your products and raise your recognition in the Defense and Security scene worldwide.
  • Discover the new technologies and future Defense and Security orientations.
  • Direct relationship between national and international exhibitors and decision-makers of the Armed Forces and private national and international companies.
  • Perfect setting to inform visitors of innovations in the Aviation Industry. Strengthening you sales network and existing relationships with current clients.
  • Space to build relationships between exhibitors and visitors to share your portfolio of products and services and to conduct business meetings.
  • Anticipated industry briefings with representatives of local/regional utilities.
  • Participation of U.S. Commercial Service representatives from countries in and around the region.
  • DSCA (DoD) works closely with the USA Partnership Pavilion to ensure maximum exposure to buyers at the show.
  • The USA Partnership Pavilion location is the ideal spot for any company looking to network with local giants.
Carolyn Carniaux
Project Manager

Build your network and make valuable connections.

Expodefensa brings together a wide cross-section of stakeholders, influencers and decision-makers seeking deals that make a difference. The USA Partnership Pavilion provides access to government leaders, industry advocates and other stakeholders giving you a gateway to potential customers and partners.

Our public sector partners represent the national interests of the United States, their counterparts in Colombia, and are the points of contact for trade and development influencers in Latin and South America region.

United States Department of Commerce
The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce is a leader in promoting trade relations between Colombia and the U.S. They stimulate the development of small, medium and large businesses and also, help to strengthen opportunities for their members. They invite you to learn more about our services and events.

Colombia is part of the United States Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA)

U.S. Commercial Service

The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets.

United States Embassy, Colombia

The United States Embassy in Colombia, will continue to provide exceptional business opportunities for US companies making it easier for American companies to establish local offices and cost effective exports to Colombia.   

The Ministry of National Defense of Colombia
The country’s highest authority on Defense and Security matters. The Ministry’s main objectives are the formulation and adoption of policies, general plans, programmes and projects for the National Defense. 


These local/regional advocates for America's industry interests support the Pavilion and the collective U.S. presence at Expodefensa.

AmCham Colombia
AmCham Colombia promotes trade, investment and free enterprise focusing on the commercial interests of Colombia and the United States in both hemispheric and global markets.

U.S. - Colombia Business Partnership
The U.S. - Colombian Business Partnership is the premier business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between the United States and Colombia. The Council’s primary mission is to serve as the direct link between business and government leaders.

Ministry of Civil Aviation
Ministry of Civil Aviation is responsible for formulation of national policies and programs for the development and regulation of the Civil Aviation sector in the country.

The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority is an organization that ensures the development of the civil aviation, airline industry and safe use of air space. This organization concentrates entirely in the development of the sector and helps it to experience the wide variety of products and services that have been developed in the sector in the recent years. It keeps in mind the high standard of safety that is associated with the industry and thus contributes in the development of good infrastructure associated with the industry.



Trade and industry news reports influence the decisions attendees make about where to spend their valuable time during the show. Industry media reports are also critical sources for professionals who can’t attend.

Our long-standing editorial and marketing relationships with leading defense and security industry media companies bring extra attention and insight to the U.S. International Pavilion at Expodefensa. Look for real-time Headline News from our industry media partners on our website and at our on-site Newsstand during the event, where you can also pick up copies of their latest publications.

In addition to industry-wide PR and media relations efforts, Kallman will work directly with international media leaders such as Defense News to provide news, information and insight to the USA Partnership Pavilion during Expodefensa 2019.

Defense News
Founded in 1986, Defense News is the authoritative, independent, professional news source for the world's defense decision-makers. In print and online, we provide the global defense community with the latest news and analysis on programs, policy, business and technology. Our bureaus and reporters around the world set the standard for accuracy, credibility and timeliness in defense reporting.

Social media will play an important role in promoting the Pavilion and the greater U.S. presence at Expodefensa 2019, too. Join the conversation @kallmanEWC #USPavilion

Organizers are the gatekeepers to every aspect of the show. Our partnership with the Expodefensa organizers translates into faster service — and fewer problems for you.

The Ministry of National Defense of Colombia
The country’s highest authority on Defense and Security matters. The Ministry’s main objectives are the formulation and adoption of policies, general plans, programmes and projects for the National Defense. 

CODALTEC, the High Technology Corporation
CODALTEC's main objective is the development, promotion and implementation of activities in science, technology and innovation, in order to strengthen technological scientific capabilities of the country’s Defense sector.

The International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogota has more than 50 years of experience leading the fair activities in the region. 

The COGES organizes international events in the field of Defense & Security bringing together major players in the market, institutions and highly qualified visitors.

Carolyn Carniaux
Project Manager

Hit your targets.

As an exhibitor in the USA Partnership Pavilion at Expodefensa, you start the show with an advantage you can build on. From the design of your stand to the presentation of your brand, Kallman Worldwide’s portfolio of booth, promotion and PR options will ensure you meet the right clients.

Turnkey Design
Bring your products, promotions and people and move right in. Our templated designs and materials give your booth the uniform “look-and-feel” of the Pavilion while allowing you the flexibility to customize and scale your layout.

Your ready-made stand includes:

  • Hard Wall Panels + Fascia
  • Lockable Reception
  • Wastebasket
  • Table with Chairs
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Spotlights 
  • Carpet
  • Literature Rack

Ask about upgraded features to create a more branded presentation.

Space Only
Get in on the ground floor with this raw space option and design your dream stand (minimum sqm required). The  Space Only option includes all USA Partnership Pavilion services and amenities.

Custom Build with Kallman Creative Services
Turn that raw floor space into a showplace! Work with Kallman Creative Services to design and build a standout exhibit from the ground up. Whether your emphasis is on high-end hosting and hospitality or high-volume lead-generation, challenge our team to create the perfect scheme.

Executive Club Membership
Walk the show with full access to all Pavilion amenities.

The centerpiece of our program is the Guide to USA Partnership Pavilion Exhibitors. It's essential reading for international buyers looking for U.S. suppliers, and Kallman distributes hundreds-to-thousands of copies on site at the show. For Expodefensa 2019, we'll also post an interactive online directory at kallman.com for worldwide reference. Every exhibitor in the USA Partnership Pavilion receives a free listing in the Guide and a cross-reference in their product or service categories.

Paid upgrades include:

  • Enhanced listings (boldface or color text)
  • Logo placements
  • Space advertising

Associate your brand with exclusive, high profile USA Partnership Pavilion features that engage more attendees and VIPs.

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
Share the spotlight and meet with distinguished visitors (DVs) and VIPs when the Pavilion opens on Day 1.

VIP Reception
The USA Partnership Pavilion VIP reception gives sponsors and exhibitors an opportunity to network with high-ranking U.S. regional VIPs, senior Embassy personnel and local business leaders. In coordination with the U.S. Embassy diplomatic corps, Kallman Worldwide anticipates a well-attended VIP event.

Meeting Point Exhibitors Lounge
This crossroads of the Pavilion is a favorite hang-out for a wide cross-section of VIPs and DVs, officials, buyers, decision-makers, influencers and friends. Select from our menu of proven options, or ask how we can invent a unique feature just for you.

Conference rooms
Pavilion Conference Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by exhibitors who need a private space for team or client/prospect meetings. Place your logo and promotional message inside one or more Pavilion Conference Rooms to be included in every conversation.

Carpet stars
Make every step a statement with big, branded, ground-level graphics featuring your logo and message at key intersections throughout the Pavilion.

Add your logo exclusively to the official Pavilion lanyards.

The Newsstand
The Newsstand is the on-site information center located at the front of the Meeting Point Exhibitors Lounge, the highest traffic area in the USA Partnership Pavilion. The Newsstand features a live, scrolling display of real-time show and market headlines on a centerpiece flat-screen monitor flanked by take-away publications from the industry’s top publishers. Sponsor the Newsstand and share the spotlight with the show’s best sources.

If you’re planning to promote news at the show (a product or service launch, a thought-leadership initiative or insight, upgrades, patents — even new personnel), tell us about it and we’ll get the word out to our network of show dailies, registered show media and international contacts who cover your industry around the world. 

"Ask America" Advocacy Campaign
The United States is committed to our international trade partnerships, we bring the best technology and innovation to the table, and we have the most-skilled, professional workforce to do the job. That’s the message of “Ask America” Kallman’s exclusive, integrated advocacy campaign to heighten awareness of U.S. exhibitors among industry buyers and influencers — those who are planning to attend, as well as those who are interested but can’t go to the show.

Every USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitor is invited to submit show news to be included in the “Ask America” Pavilion Preview press release — at no cost.

Campaign features include, but are not limited to:

  • Before, during and post-show efforts to place news stories about the Pavilion in trade media, registered show media and show dailies
  • Before, during and post-show social media #AskAmerica (see below) ·
  • Remarks and signage at the North American Pavilion Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting
  • Supported by “Ask America” brand advertising in media partner networks and on-site publications

Social Media
Kallman Worldwide is committed to your success online, as well as on site, with social media support that extends your Expodefensa outreach and impact. Social media can help you generate buzz, increase brand exposure, and strengthen relationships with buyers, opinion-leaders and influencers! Whether you’re active on social media or just looking to dip your toe in the water, we offer simple, low-risk support to USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitors. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Flickr — and let us know how to follow you, too.

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Meet Your Team

Carolyn Carniaux Project Manager

Carolyn Carniaux

Project Manager


I have the pleasure to work with a team of dedicated experts who represent both internal and external stakeholders. It is my job to ensure that the ball is moving forward to the collective goal of an overall successful show for U.S. International Pavilion exhibitors. In planning, we usually hit both bumps and smooth patches along the way – much like the actual roads we travel in the diverse and exciting destinations we work in across the globe!

Peter Kelley Project Manager

Peter Kelley

Project Manager


Samantha Eichmann

Project Coordinator



As Kallman Worldwide's newest Project Coordinator, I've enjoyed learning the "ins" and "outs" of the trade show business over the last year. When I'm not at my desk caffeinating and singing along to country music, you can find me outside on a run, or in the kitchen baking something sweet!