Why Exhibit at Expodefensa 2019?

Rarely can an exhibition claim “continental reach” — one concentrated marketplace that extends beyond its national borders to attract blue-ribbon prospects from every other country in the neighborhood; north to south, east to west.


Expodefensa in Bogota is one of those shows. Originally established as an industry showcase serving the internal security and external defense needs of Colombia, the event is expanding under the new management of COGES, organizer of Eurosatory (Paris) and Asia-Pacific Homeland Security (Singapore), to serve the greater tri-service (land, sea and air) defense and security needs of all South and Central America. Historically, the show has proven the ability to attract official delegations (in 2017, more than 76 delegations from 30 countries), which in turn attract more exhibitors. As its influence grows and the dynamics of the region continue to shift, Expodefensa is moving aggressively to widen the scope and scale of event programs to serve more industry decision-makers, opinion leaders, influencers. If you’re looking to expand your defense and security business in Latin  America, Expodefensa is your show!

Why Exhibit in the USA Partnership Pavilion?

Colombia ranks as the fourth highest defense spender in the Americas, and its high standards for military equipment ensure U.S. imports will continue to be the first choice of defense and security procurement officers.


The U.S. encourages this preference with significant foreign direct investment into Colombia — $20.9 billion in 2016. Kallman Worldwide builds on that equity with more than a decade of experience working with the show and the organizers. Our USA Partnership Pavilion delivers more on the floor — and our Santiago-based Latin America office adds a home-field advantage with extra fluency in the language, culture and industry marketplace. From pre-show administrative, marketing and exhibitor services to on-site support and activities — media relations, networking, delegation tours, business center, exhibitor lounge and conference rooms and 24/7 trouble-shooting — Kallman clears the way for more success and sales in Latin and South America at Expodefensa.


Experience more of what you're going for at Expodefensa 2019!

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for you to strengthen business relationships in Colombia by maximizing your impact at Expodefensa 2019! Learn about our exclusive program features here, and start planning to take advantage of them there.

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Meet Your Team

Carolyn Carniaux Project Manager

Carolyn Carniaux

Project Manager


I have the pleasure to work with a team of dedicated experts who represent both internal and external stakeholders. It is my job to ensure that the ball is moving forward to the collective goal of an overall successful show for U.S. International Pavilion exhibitors. In planning, we usually hit both bumps and smooth patches along the way – much like the actual roads we travel in the diverse and exciting destinations we work in across the globe!

Peter Kelley Project Manager

Peter Kelley

Project Manager


Samantha Eichmann

Project Coordinator



As Kallman Worldwide's newest Project Coordinator, I've enjoyed learning the "ins" and "outs" of the trade show business over the last year. When I'm not at my desk caffeinating and singing along to country music, you can find me outside on a run, or in the kitchen baking something sweet!