Meet Your Team

Nancy Villari

Nancy Villari

Project Coordinator


I’ve worked at Kallman Worldwide for the past nine years, and have enjoyed traveling to different parts of the globe, meeting people and learning about their lifestyles. My job allows me to interact and assist companies to make their trade show experience easy and trouble-free. Love my job!

Oshaira Rojas, Operations Specialist

Oshaira Rojas

Operations Specialist


I am responsible for the implementation of all operational details of assigned trade shows from start to finish. My experience working within the hospitality industry has demonstrated attention to detail, teamwork, high-quality service and communication are all necessary to maintain a well-composed operation that resonates with our clients. My passion for events planning and coordination is where I get inspiration to develop clients’ visions and make pavilions come to life.

Christa March Project Manager

Christa March

Project Manager


Being a Project Manager at Kallman allows me to work with a team of different people, with different responsibilities, all striving toward one goal. My door is always open to share ideas and strategize (except when it’s closed because I tend to talk loudly on the phone!).

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." — John F. Kennedy

George Vlastaris, Sales Associate

George Vlastaris

Sales Associate


As a part of Kallman’s Creative Services team, and with nearly 10 years of experience in exhibit fabrication, I provide clients with custom designed exhibit solutions along with the support and expertise needed to successfully exhibit anywhere in the world. Since joining the Kallman team in June of 2015 (and being sent to Paris on my 3rd day!), I’ve had the opportunity to work on shows in various industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, Medical and Electricity.

Jonathan DeBarge Account Manager

Jonathan DeBarge

Account Manager


Kevin Tighe

Sales Associate