Got a vision for an event? A market? A venue?

Competition is never far away when event organizers are looking for a suitable venue or when new-to-market companies venture abroad.

With more than a century of experience managing international trade shows, Kallman Consulting Services provides guidance to exhibition venue owners or developers planning new facilities, as well as companies looking to enter or expand their presence in overseas markets via trade shows. Because we’ve guided or managed the participation of more than 10,000 exhibitors in nearly 1,000 shows over the past five decades, Kallman brings first-hand experience, deep insights and worldwide connections to every conversation.

So ask us anything. We’ll tell you everything we know.

Messe Muenchen is an example of a state-of-the-art, multi-use conference and exhibition facility

Services for venues

The experience of meeting more qualified prospects at a specific time in a specific place is central to the exhibition business. Whether that place is an existing facility, an adapted or appropriated location or a big idea that’s still on the drawing board, the question of “venue” may be the most important variable in the trade show equation.

Your venue business model
When you’re launching, expanding or revitalizing a space as complex as an exhibition venue, every detail merits your attention. From infrastructure and site development to capacity and capabilities — top-to-bottom line — we’ll help you build a sustainable business model that serves your organizers, exhibitors, visitors and investors.

  • The Contemporary Conference, Exhibition and Convention Market
  • Developing a Business Model
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Planning
  • Forecasting Benchmarks
  • Venue Booking Process

Facility management and operations
You know it when you see it — or when you don’t. The 21st-century exhibition center is a destination locals are proud to call their own and one that makes visitors feel at home. Behind an architecturally fresh façade is a versatile, energized, dynamic interior space and back-of-hall operation wired end-to-end for efficiency, safety, multimedia production power, floor-plan flexibility, comfort and mutual success. Does that sound like where you are — or where you want to be?

  • Building Management
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Planning, Design and Operation Models
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Venue Surveys (Catering, Parking, Telecom, Hotel, Security, Environmental Awareness)
Sold out booths, crowded aisles and calm organization behind the scenes are the keys to grow your show.

Services for organizers

Successful organizers are able to see event opportunities on the horizon and convince buyers and sellers to take a closer look. While there is no crystal ball substitute for vision, the lens of experience can always sharpen focus.

Carpe diem!
New technologies, shifting consumer trends, renewed interest in established markets— opportunities are everywhere. How quickly you recognize and capitalize on them makes the difference between having an idea for an event and actually producing one. From the start, Kallman helps you define and develop the structure, organization, discipline and data you need to keep up with the trends and ahead of the competition.

  • Show Research and Strategy
  • Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Franchising & Licensing

Negotiate with confidence
No organizer goes it alone. The best shows are built on loyal partnerships that assure mutual success. That said, as the show organizer, you have leverage. With the promise or proof of critical mass (the prospect of hundreds or thousands of exhibitors and visitors) and economies of scale, you can negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers and vendors — and insulate yourself from excessive liability.

  • Convention Center Contracts
  • Hotel Contracts
  • Management of Official Service Contractors and Exhibition Suppliers

Manage expectations
Surprise and delight — the simple formula for producing satisfied exhibitors. By anticipating every anxiety and addressing them beforehand, we minimize our exhibitors’ stress and maximize their impact on the show floor.

Manage expectations by implementing professional systems, strategies and even simple courtesies that show exhibitors — and visitors — that you are looking out for their interests first and always. Get it right and you will be rewarded year after year with appreciation and loyalty.

  • Booth Asset Management
  • On-site Registration and Booth Badge Production
  • Floor Management for Small Trade Shows and Large Conferences Alike
  • Eco-Friendly Technology
  • Pre- and Pos-Show Logistivcs
  • Post-Show Evaluation and Follow-Up

Services for exhibitors

"You want to go where? To do what? And it’s gonna cost how much?"

The first time you propose to exhibit at a trade event — particularly one in a foreign country — should be the last time you are surprised by this kind of response from your colleagues. From identifying market opportunities and targeting the right events to designing and presenting a stand-out stand, Kallman helps you make the case for a quantifiable and sustainable return on your investment.

Assess the opportunity
All trade shows are not created equal. Do your homework.

  • Research and Market Intelligence
  • Selecting the Right Event
  • Exhibit Planning
  • Budgeting

Cultivate the right relationships
Trade shows are the ultimate face-to-face marketplace, and your job is to determine who you need to know, and who needs to know you. Before you make a decision, consider all the expert advice available to you by virtue of your role as a “customer”. The show manager, the stand-builder, your state or national government “partner”, each in his own way, is ready to offer guidance and support as you dip your toe in the ocean of opportunity that international trade represents.

  • Utilizing Public Sector Resources
  • Leveraging Private Sector Partnerships
  • Cooperative Pavilion vs. Going Solo
  • Working with the Show Management
  • Influencing the Media

Know before you go
Wherever you go, no matter the show, these are the basics everyone needs to know:

  • Intellectual Property and Patent Protection
  • Understanding the Exhibitor Manual
  • Shipping, Carnets, Freight Forwarders
  • Rules for Foreign Exchanges
  • Mastering the Metric System
  • An Appreciation of Foreign Customs and Mores

Maximize your impact
It all looks good on paper. Now hedge your bets by visualizing a step-by-step, pre-show walk-through of everything that could go right — or wrong — from the exhilarating moment you depart for the show until you return back home, blissfully exhausted. Find all the gaps and the overlaps, so when you arrive on site, you’ll know it’s right.

  • Staffing Your Exhibit
  • Preparing for the Opening Day
  • Social Media and Content Strategies
  • Lead Collection and Follow-up
  • Post-Show Evaluation