Operations Specialist

Kallman’s core business is organizing the U.S. presence at multiple major overseas trade events across market sectors. Our primary product is the USA Partnership Pavilion (“the Pavilion”): A branded, industry-standard, showcase destination for buyers looking for an efficient way to meet more U.S. suppliers, and an on-site business hub for USA exhibitors looking to maximize their exposure and time at these events. Under the Project Manager’s direction, the Operations Specialist is responsible for the delivery and design of the Pavilion. Click the button to learn more and apply.

Main Responsibilities include:

Working with Stand Builders

  • Create and distribute RFPs to international stand builders. Analyze and review proposals from budget, design POV.
  • Work with selected stand builder to:
  • Finalize Exhibitor turnkey stand design;
  • Determine deadlines for upgraded Furniture, Graphic, Electric options; and
  • Design common areas (Lounge, Conference Room, Presentation Area)
  • Maintain a complete understanding of exhibitor manuals and show requirements for builders
  • Develop relationships and work effectively with all vendors and sub-contractors such as electricians, platform suppliers, cleaners, caterers, security, and show organizers
  • Assist with packing and unpacking shipping materials/supplies before and after shows.

Working with Exhibitors

  • Register all Exhibitors including obtaining all usernames and passwords from Show Organizers.
  • Maintain open and ongoing communication with clients to ensure their needs/expectations are consistently met or exceeded on schedule.
  • Utilize existing tools to receive Exhibitor Order for Furniture, Graphic, Electric, and place them with the stand builder.
  • Create and send communications to Exhibitors while maintaining an online Exhibitor Area on the Kallman website.


  • Ability to manage multiple projects in various stages of development at one time. Organizing and prioritizing tasks. Managing time to maximize productivity. Estimating task duration and completing tasks when promised.
  • Use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of solutions to problems. Make good decisions and solve problems under pressure
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Must be able to handle high volume of Exhibitor requests on a daily basis (phone, email).
  • International travel is required (4-8 weeks).
  • Occasional box lifting will be required.


Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Minimum of two years’ related experience required.

Experience in customer service or a related client-facing role preferred. Background in tradeshow-organizing for outside clients is especially helpful.

Some knowledge of electrical terms, space planning preferred.