Arab Health 2018 Highlights

275 companies represented the U.S.
in the USA Partnership Pavilion 2018

U.S. Results at Arab Health 2018 Set Stage for 2019 Success!

U.S.-UAE healthcare partnerships are on the rise, bringing more American technology and innovation to serve growing demand across the developing Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

That was Kallman Worldwide's overriding takeaway from the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2018, and an indicator that the U.S. presence at the 2019 edition next January will be even more prominent and competitive!

Expanding populations, high prevalence of non-communicable diseases, rising cost of treatment and increasing penetration of health insurance are driving growth across the region. In the UAE alone, the total healthcare market is valued at an estimated $15 billion and growing at approximately 11% per year.


No wonder Arab Health 2018 saw more than 335 U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, hospitals, clinics and practitioners in 2018 — nearly 10% of the total 4,000-plus exhibitors participating.

From personal care and safety products to over-the-counter remedies, specialized medical devices, equipment and treatments, U.S. exhibitors at Arab Health 2018 represented a wide scope of America’s smartest health and medical solutions.





The official Opening Ceremony for the USA Partnership Pavilion at Arab Health highlighted the shared values that underpin the USA and UAE healthcare alliance.

Arab Health 2018 Opening Day

Cutting the ribbon at Arab Health 2018: (l to r) Paul Malik, U.S. Consul General to the UAE; Chrissa McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Patientory; Tom Kallman, President and CEO of Kallman Worldwide; Theresa F. Weber, Executive Director of AmCHAM Abu Dhabi; Anne Jafery, President of Channels MEA and current President of the American Business Council Dubai; Danny Sebright, President of the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council, and Jodi Munzer, Sales Associate, Kallman Worldwide.


Opening day ceremonies jump-started networking opportunities, including tours of the USA Pavilion by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and the Minister of Finance and Industry. Exhibitors were also met by the U.S. Consul General to the UAE, Paul Malik.


Arab Health 2018 Opening Day




Sunday before the opening of Arab Health 2018, USA Partnership Pavilion exhibitors toured the American Hospital Dubai and the Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital. The exclusive itinerary included a first-hand look at modern hospital amenities and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies in practice in Dubai. For a broader healthcare perspective, the 2019 tour will include both a public and a private hospital.

USA Partnership Pavilion Hospitals Tour


Recognizing the Past, Present and Future of the USA-MENA Cooperation

Sponsors and exhibitors networked with their international counterparts and colleagues at the USA-MENA Partnership Reception held at The Palace Downtown, next to the landmark Burj Khalifa. The event was a welcome and luxuriously appointed break from the fast-pace of the show floor, promoting deeper connections and relationships to better understand the region's expanding health and medical market.

Arab Health 2018 USA-MENA Partnership Reception

Hosted by: Kallman Worldwide and TWI   

Sponsored by: American Hospital Dubai | ChooseUSHealth | Northeast Monitoring


U.S. exhibitors and guests gained firsthand insights into growth opportunities in the Saudi Arabian healthcare market during "Saudi Day" briefings hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and moderated by Nasir Abbasi, Counselor for Commercial Affairs U.S. Embassy in Riyadh.

These briefings were especially valuable to companies looking ahead to the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh on September 10-12, 2018. As the largest and fastest growing healthcare market in the region, Saudi Arabia is a prime opportunity for initiating and strengthening relationships with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical supply manufacturers.

Saudi Health Market Brief
Jad Bitar , Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Riyadh

SFDA Regulations & Registration Process
Ahmed A Al Shareef , Managing Director, Bio-Standards in affiliation with Emergo

Saudi Legal Regulations: 
Khalid A Al Thebity , Managing Partner, Al Thebity Law Firm in association with Squire Patton Boggs

U.S. Company Experience
Said Haddad , Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Global Health Exhibition 2018
Joan Williams , Deputy Director, Kallman Worldwide, Inc. & Ross Williams , Exhibition Director, Informa


Air Force Inc

Cardiovascular Implications for Mitigation of Streptococcal Mutans
Keeping Heart Valves Healthy

Streptococcal mutans bacteria have been implicated in 70% of diseased heart valves. Dental Air Force has recently been shown to mitigate the quantitative population of this organism and other cardiovascular pathogens as well as the inflammatory marker CRP. A pathological bacterial reduction of 500% over and above current periodontal treatment was observed by using Dental Air Force.

Target Sectors:
Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Inflammation

Piero Policicchio, CEO
Holland, MI 616-218-7318

AirSep Corp. - A Chart Industries Company

Introducing AirSep Nitrogen Generators
Economical, Low-Maintenance, Uninterrupted Nitrogen Gas Supply Solutions for the Medical Industry. Eliminate the Need for Handling Nitrogen Bottles at High Pressure While Improving Safety.

AirSep has served customer oxygen needs globally for over 30 years and has expanded its existing portfolio to include new Membrane and PSA Nitrogen Systems. These systems produce nitrogen on-demand from an independent compressed air source. Nitrogen gas is used to power pneumatically-controlled tools for surgery/operations, leak testing in pipelines, as well as Modified Atmosphere Packaging for medical instruments/pharmaceuticals. An AirSep Nitrogen System is cost-effective, easy to install, and capable of long-term unattended operation.

Target Sectors:
Gas Equipment, Surgical, Pharmaceuticals

Craig Dillworth, Sales Manager
Buffalo, NY +1-716-691-0202 x6412

Attune Medical

New data show esophageal cooling saves almost $700 per patient
Study out of the University of Maryland

A study out of the University of Maryland by the world-renowned expert on shivering and its treatment show that in addition to being effective, esophageal temperature management saves money in medication costs due to the lower rate of shivering encountered. This study found that esophageal cooling achieved normothermia in patients with subarachnoid and intracranial hemorrhage and was associated with less shivering and significantly lower pharmaceutical costs than other devices.  The mean daily cost with esophageal cooling was $124 and with controls was $233, and mean total cost was $497 for esophageal cooling and $1,157 for controls, resulting in a cost savings of almost $700 over the course of treatment.



Esophageal Heat Transfer for Patient Temperature Control and Targeted Temperature Management

This study presents a novel method to provide efficient patient temperature control for cooling or warming patients. A single use, triple lumen device is placed into the esophagus, analogous to a standard orogastric tube, and connects to existing heat exchange units to perform automatic patient temperature management.


Clinical Study Published in Resuscitation Demonstrates Efficacy and Safety of Attune Medical’s EnsoETM for Cooling and Rewarming Patients
The COOL Study is largest prospective study evaluating esophageal temperature management to date



A clinical study published in the journal Resuscitation has demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Attune Medical’s EnsoETM in cooling and rewarming patients after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). The article, “Targeted Temperature Management Using The Esophageal Cooling Device After Cardiac Arrest (The COOL Study)”, assessed the performance and safety of the EnsoETM (previously named the Esophageal Cooling Device, or ECD) during a Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) protocol.


Target Sectors:
Critical Care, Intensive care, Neurocritical care, Neurology, Surgery, Resuscitation

Erik Kulstad, CEO
Chicago, IL 708-651-0736

Caretaker Medical

Caretaker® 4 demonstrates wireless, non-invasive Continuous Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure “CNIBP”, Heart and Respiration rate, monitoring with Sp02 and Temperature integrated via Bluetooth.
Integration with a Vital Score Index (VSI) or EWS enables safety alarms to notify clinical staff of a change in a patient’s condition, enabling early intervention.

Current methods of gathering blood pressure and other vital sign measurements through periodic spot-checks have changed little over the past 50 years. Blood pressure measurements from arm cuffs capture a single point in time, are subject to variability, often providing misleading information, because of patient posture, physical motion, stress, and food intake. Clinical evidence shows that blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day concluding that continuous BP measurements provide a more comprehensive view of cardiovascular health.
For more product information click here.

Target Sectors:
Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, TeleHealth

Warren Kressinger-Dunn, Sales and Marketing Director
Charlottesville, VA +44 780 3141577

Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

Chembio Diagnostics Awarded UNICEF Contract to Supply Point-of-Care DPP® Zika Assays and DPP® Micro Readers 

Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. (Nasdaq:CEMI), a leader in point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, announced that it has been awarded a conditional Long Term Arrangement (LTA) from UNICEF for purchases of the Company's DPP® Zika System, which is subject to Chembio satisfying certain conditions.

Target Sector:

Max Fayans, Sales Specialist
Holbrook, NY 631-924-1135

Clinical Choice, LLC

New SafeCap™ Trays and Disposable Liners provide additional staff and patient safety. 
SafeCap™ Endoscope Transport liners and trays are simple to use and and designed for efficient cleaning and safe ergonomic transport.


Clinical Choice is introducing SafeCap™, a patented Endoscope Transport System with liners that are easy to install and cover the tray top and sides and connect at the bottom of the tray.  SafeCap™ Transport Trays are designed for easy and efficient cleaning with an ergonomic shelf for safe transport.  If you're seeking a better product to transport endoscopes that increases staff and patient safety, visit us at Arab Health booth H1.D54.

SafeCap Brochure


OneTAB™ replaces bottled liquid enzymatic detergents used to clean endoscopes and surgical instruments.
OneTAB™ triple enzymatic detergent eliminates manual dispensing of enzymatic detergents.


Clinical Choice is introducing OneTAB™, a pre-measured triple enzymatic detergent that replaces bottled liquid detergents.  A single  OneTAB™ container with 200 small pouches (5 lbs.) replaces 8 gallons (64 lbs.) of liquid enzymatic detergent.  OneTAB™ increases compliance and saves valuable working and storage space. If you're seeking a better product to clean endoscopes and surgical instruments that is easy to use, increases compliance and reduces costs, visit us at Arab Health booth H1.D54.

OneTab Brochure

Target Sectors:
Endoscopy, Central Sterile Services Department, Outpatient Clinics

David Mount, Business Development
Greensboro,NC 336-841-0919

Control-X Medical, Inc.

Control-X Medical Rolls Out Value DR Line
New line of innovative DR detectors available worldwide

Control-X Medical now offers a value line of DR detectors with award winning design, innovative features, and time-saving one-shot calibration. The Cesium Iodide detectors offer excellent image quality at lower doses, and clients appreciate the ergonomic design and convenient flip-out handle. With a five year warranty, comprehensive software suite and features not found in other detectors, the value for hospitals and imaging centers is compelling.

Target Sectors:
Imaging, Radiology, X-ray equipment

Jeffrey Sweet, Director of Marketing
Columbus, Ohio 1-614-777-9729

Corvus Health

Corvus Health to Introduce Locums Services in Kenya

Corvus Health has received initial approval to offer locums services to health facilities in Kenya. When hospitals experience staff shortages they can contact Corvus for temporary staffing of nurses, physicians, and pharmacists. Locums staffing will help prevent service interruptions due to sick leave, vacation, maternity leave, and seasonal demand surges.  Corvus is the first company in Kenya offering locums and it is anticipated that locums will help lessen the impact of the health worker shortage.

Corvus Health Designs New Oncology Care Team for India

Corvus Health and Tata Trusts have redesigned the oncology care team for India.  India has a shortage of oncologists resulting in most cancers being diagnosed in late stages.  By introducing “Cancer GPs”, an innovative  mid-level provider, Corvus enables oncologists to focus on the most complex activities, such as making definitive cancer diagnoses and designing treatment plans, while Cancer GPs will implement the plans, giving more patients access to cost-effective, life-saving cancer care.


Target Sectors:
Human Resources, Health Workforce, Service Delivery

Kate Tulenko, CEO
Alexandria, VA 202-460-9919


CureCompanion announces "ready to use" Telemedicine kit in the form of a carry bag and cart

CureCompanion is happy to announce “Ready to use” Telemedicine platform with integrated medical devices, a unique global healthcare solution, that brings revolution in healthcare to create unique remote health care facilities anywhere.
The platform enables doctors to hear heart/lung sounds, review images of throat, skin, ears & eyes, measure temperature, SpO2, Blood Presuure, Spirometry and glucometer parameters from remote patients in real time  with video communication.

Please contact us for more information.

Target Sectors:
Community Health Centers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

B A Majmudar, Director
North Brunswick, NJ 732-261-4077

Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

FEI Introduces Relief Pak® Heating Units
The newest addition to the Relief Pak® product line

Fabrication Enterprises Inc (FEI) is pleased to announce its new Relief Pak® Heating Units.
Each unit features unique insulation allowing the unit’s exterior to remain safe to touch at operating temperature. This insulation helps each unit maintain its temperature, reducing operating costs. The units are made from durable stainless steel, making them ideal for use in high-traffic clinics. They are available at 110 or 220V and in capacities ranging from 4 pack to 24 pack.

Target Sectors:
Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Heat Therapy

Alexander Miller, Marketing Coordinator
Elmsford, New York 914-345-9300 x1127

Greensleeve Surgical

Reducing Costs of Laparoscopic Surgery
High Quality Environmental Benefits - Lower Prices

In the current economic climate hospitals everywhere are keen to save costs. GreenSleeve Surgical manufactures premium quality reposable trocars providing significant cost reduction per procedure, with over 80% reduction in contaminated waste disposal. 100% US manufactured, GreenSleeve ensures hospitals can reduce costs and ecological footprint with no compromise of quality.

Target Sectors:
Surgical, Laparoscopy, Purchasing

Peter McMahon, President
Leander, TX+1 202 365 0775

Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Health System announces the construction of a new 6 story, 187,00 square feet of space state of the art Cancer Treatment pavilion. 

Our cancer program is one of the largest in Michigan. We treat nearly 5,000 new cancer patients each year. And that number continues to grow. Nationally, cancer cases are expected to increase 20 percent by 2025 - and 40 percent by 2035, according to the Institute of Medicine.  To address this growing need, the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion is being built just across from our flagship Henry Ford Hospital.

A destination site in Detroit for ambulatory cancer treatment, precision medicine, clinical trials and research, and enhanced support services for cancer patients.

Morris Blake, Director International Initiatives
Detroit, MI 313-874-4090

ImmunoReagents, Inc.

ImmunoReagents Increases Manufacturing Capabilities for Bulk Immunoglobulins in 2018

With the increase in global demand for quality immunoglobulins, ImmunoReagents increases their manufacturing capabilities with lab expansion and equipment investments. ImmunoReagents has been recognized as leader in immunoglobulin manufacturing. They have recently increased their manufacturing facilities, as well as invested into process automation and large scale production equipment. ImmunoReagents now has the ability to manufacture multi-kilogram scale batches of purified immunoglobulins for the IVD industry. They manufacture Mouse, Rat, Human, Goat, Sheep IgG's along with 1500 purified secondary antibodies.

Target Sectors:
IVD, Diagnostics, Biologics

Brad Heidinger, COO
Raleigh, NC 919-831-2240

International Biomedical

International Biomedical Assists in Customized Solutions for Infant Transport
Custom Built Transport Incubators are Designed to Meet Needs for Mobile Neonatal Care

International Biomedical will provide life-saving neonatal transport equipment to the UAE and Pakistan as a result of a collaborative effort with health authorities to supply customized infant transport systems that meet budget, equipment, and design requirements. International Biomedical recently designed the latest high-tech transport incubators for public hospitals in the UAE. In Pakistan, fifty infant transport incubators were specially designed to maximize capabilities within budget, and to form part of an overall infant care strategy.

Target Sectors:
NICU, Transport

Caroline Strand, Marketing Communications Specialist
Austin, TX 512-873-0033

Kopp Development Inc.

Innovation in MRI Safety

Kopp Development Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of ferromagnetic detectors for MRI Safety. Its FerrAlert™ systems are recognized to be the most accurate ferromagnetic detectors for MRI, due to their unique, patented technology to detect and precisely locate the offending ferrous objects. This locational feature allows MRI technologists to locate and mitigate ferromagnetic threat without need of handheld detectors and uncomfortable pat-down of the patients.

Kopp Development Inc. is pleased to present an enhanced package for their entryway systems FerrAlert™ HALO II PLUS and Ferromagnetic Incident Log Manager, F.I.L.M. The PLUS system dramatically reduces alarm fatigue by not alarming on the MRI door and ferromagnetic objects exiting the MRI room. The F.I.L.M. device was designed to help facilitate compliance with the new safety standards and to assist with Root Cause Analysis.

Anna Srb, Director Marketing and Sales
Jensen Beach, FL 772-225-6932

LightForce Therapy Lasers

LightForce Therapy Lasers Announces NEW Portable Therapy Laser, The LightForce FXi

LightForce is proud to unveil the newly designed LightForce FXi.  This popular laser therapy system comes equipped with industry-leading influence® technology and long-life battery operation.

Influence Technology is the newest innovation from the leaders in laser therapy.  Harnessing software and hardware advancements, LightForce brings this “next level” technology to new heights and delivers outcomes like never before.  The new i-series provides utility where and when you need it.

Target Sectors:
Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Post-surgical

Amanda Hoffmeyer, Director of Marketing
Newark, DE 3027090408

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Ranked No. 1 Hospital in the United States In the 2017-2018

U.S. News & World Report ranking of top hospitals, Mayo Clinic was named the best hospital in the United States and was ranked No. 1 in six specialties: diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology and GI surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology, and neurology and neurosurgery.

More than 1.3 million patients from around the world seek Mayo Clinic’s expertise each year.
Learn more at

Target Sectors:
Patient Care; Research; Education

Sharon Theimer, Senior Communication Specialist
Rochester, MN +1-507-284-5005

Medan Medical Inc.

New Video Laryngoscope and GMA
Check out what makes us different!


Medan Medical Inc. has introduced a new Video laryngoscope featuring a 3 HD screen which rotates, a battery with a four hour continuous use life, an anti-fog feature, video recording, and IP64 waterproof. It also utilizes our competitively priced disposable blades featuring the Nishikawa blade. Additionally we have a new GMA (Not LMA) which is a new revolutionary product with many great features.

Target Sectors:
Anesthesia, Emergency personnel, Respiratory

Ebi Masalehdan, Director
Tyngsboro, MA 978-649-1970

Mediator Masa


Helping small businesses “bridge” their global reach in untapped markets. 

Inspiring business people making smart business decisions with anyone, anywhere in the world. Mediator Masa is your ideal new business development partner to get you the business that you deserve with effective strategies in your targeted world markets. We develop business for you.

We have 25+ years experience in building market share presence for global leaders. Whether you are new to developing your business internationally, desire to test the waters, or constrained by a limited budget, Mediator Masa is here to have a conversation.

Target Sectors:
Medical Devices, Surgery Rooms, Hospital Wards

Ming Kwee, Director of Global Business
St Louis, MO 314-327-8944

Medicool Diabetic Products USA

Medicool Diabetic Products USA

Medicool USA offers a complete line of Travel Cases for keeping Insulin and other Temperature Sensitive Medication cool while in a hot climate.

Carrying Cases are available for both long and short trips, some keeping insulin safe and refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

Target Sectors:
Pharmacy offering Diabetes Products, Stores offering Specialty Diabetic Products

Steve Wallace, VP
Torrance, CA 3107822200


Minnesota Trade Office

Minnesota, the Healthiest and Happiest state in the USA
It's not just the data but the people.

Minnesota is home to Super Bowl 52, Mayo Clinic, 3M and 900 other medical device companies with people dedicated to improving the health and well being of lives all over the worldMinneapolis-St. Paul, the "Twin Cities" of Minnesota are the healthiest, fittest cities in the USA for the third year in a row, according to the annual American Fitness Index, issued by the American College of Sports Medicine. No wonder SUPER BOWL 52 chose MINNESOTA for the big game Feb. 4! Moreover Wallet Hub named us America's Happiest State in 2017. Mayo Clinic, hundreds of state-of-the-art hospitals and 931 innovative medical companies make Minnesota amazing.

Target Sectors:
From automated pharmaceutical dispensing to a patient warming system
From laser peripherals to software that helps hospital systems communicate with each other
From heart disease detection to stem cell therapy
If we don't have it at Arab Health, we can introduce you to someone in Minnesota who does.

Sarah Walbert, Regional Trade Manager
Saint Paul, MN +1-651-592-6996

MVE Chart

Award-winning Chart MVE Fusion™ Series comes to Arab Health
Self-sustaining cryogenic storage is future of cold storage

Winner of ISBER’s Outstanding New Product Award, Chart’s new MVE Fusion™ stainless steel tank series is designed for long-term dry storage using minimal liquid nitrogen and electricity. Once initially charged, the MVE Fusion maintains the desired temperature profile with little or no additional LN2. This stand-alone unit offers the ultimate flexibility requiring no LN2 piping, allowing it to serve remote geographical locations or rooms in isolated areas throughout a facility. 

Chart MVE CryoShipper Series expands
Portfolio of cold storage options keep your biological samples safe and secure

Continued expansion of MVE’s CryoShipper line ensures that MVE is your provider for safe and secure shipping options for biological samples at cryogenic temperatures (-150° or colder). The MVE CryoCube™ and MVE BL-7 allow shipping in any orientation without sacrificing temperature hold time. The MVE YDH-1-200 and MVE YDH-1-127 serve as cross-town shippers perfect for local usage and short-term deliveries. Larger deliveries can depend on the MVE CryoShipper 2000 which holds up to 2,000 vials.

Target Sectors:
Cryogenic Freezer, Laboratory, Facilities

Inga Dolezar, Sr. Graphic Communications
Ball Ground, GA 7707217700

Nidek Medical Products, Inc.

Nidek Medical launches the first in the Max Family of oxygen concentrators 

Nidek Medical Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Max 30, the only self-contained oxygen concentrator that can produce up to 30 liters per minute with an outlet pressure of 50 psig.  The ability to provide oxygen to multiple patients simultaneously and to provide supplemental oxygen to refill systems makes the Max 30 ideal for small hospitals, small clinics and the military.  Please visit our booth for more information.

Target Sectors:
Respiratory Therapy Devices, Hospital and Clinic Supply, Oxygen Supply

Joseph Krawczyk, President / CEO
Birmingham, AL205-856-7200

NovaProbe Inc.

Meeting patients’ needs and surgeons’ expectations.
When a surgeon says the surgery was 100% successful, we count it as our victory.

As a designer and manufacturer of surgical products related to laparoscopy, NovaProbe is constantly trying to ensure greater comfort for the surgeon and better experience for the patient.NovaProbe Inc. is a rapidly expanding US company that manufactures a wide range of medical products for critical surgical visualization of endoscopic procedures.

NovaProbe has created high quality, affordable care devices that address a well-defined need in endoscopic surgery to answer the needs of doctors (surgeons and gynaecologists) primarily focused in the areas of surgical visualization equipment and accessories.

To find out more visit us @Arab Health 2018 in US Pavilion Hall 2 A11

Target Sectors:
Minimally Invasive Surgery, Surgical and Visualization Systems, Endoscopy Camera Systems

Manish Ingle, President & CEO
North Wales, PA 1-215-353-3141


OPTEC USA Presents the ProGlide Cervical Collar


• Ergonomic Knob Design
• Pulley System Cervical Collar
• Removable Thoracic Attachment
• Soft Cloth Inner Liner
• Tracheal Opening
• MRI, CT, X-Ray Compatible

• Cervical Spine precaution for trauma patients
• Immobilization for pre and post cervical spine surgery
• Degenerative disorders • Spinal Stenosis
• Spondylolisthesis • Anterior cervical fusion
• Halo removal • Dens type 1 cervical
• fractures of C2 vertebrate
• Anterior discectomy • Cervical strain
• Teardrop fracture of the vertebral body
• Unstable fracture • Neural Involvement
• Atlanto-occipital Dislocation

Target Sectors:
Hospital, medical device, orthopedic, surgeon, rehab.

Max Magnou, Director of international business development
Lawrenceville, GA 770-513-7380


ORICARE® A9800 XL Anesthesia Workstation & V7600 Emergency Transport Ventilator
New Innovations of 2018

ORICARE® is proud to announce the launch of two new innovations. After one year of intensive research and development, we are happy to welcome the new A9800 XL Anesthesia Workstation and the V7600 Emergency Transport Ventilator into our product family.

Our new devices host a myriad of new features and technologies that we are confident will revolutionize traditional methods of anesthesia delivery and ventilation. All are welcome to visit booth 1H30 to learn more.

Target Sectors:
Surgical, Intensive Care, Anesthesia

William Mason, Global Marketing & Sales Manager
Quakertown, PA (215) 538-2470


Making Healthcare Secure
Patientory is an Easy Way to Securely Store and Manage Health Information in Real Time

Patientory is empowering people to take charge of their own health. We believe better health care starts with the people. We’re revolutionizing the way doctors and patients interact and gain access to information, cutting out all layers and processes that currently are stumbling blocks in care coordination. We connect doctors, care providers, and consumers all within a single, secure platform – creating a care team that works together to provide the best care.

Target Sectors:
Health, Cyber-security, Blockchain

Quiana Lloyd, Director of Marketing and Communications
Atlanta, GA 470-236-8645

Prometheus Laboratories Inc.


Noninvasive PROMETHEUS® FIBROSpect® NASH Test Measures Severity of Liver Fibrosis 

Prometheus Laboratories Inc. introduces the FIBROSpect® NASH test—a new tool to help healthcare providers stratify nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patients by risk, based on the severity of their liver fibrosis. NASH is a potentially serious condition that is related to the more common and less severe nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  As the incidence of these conditions grows, there is a critical need for noninvasive testing that measures the degree of fibrosis.

New Test Monitors Therapeutic Ustekinumab Levels in IBD Patients 

Prometheus Laboratories Inc. announces a new therapeutic drug monitoring test for use in adult inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients treated with Stelara®* (ustekinumab).  PROMETHEUS® Anser® UST enables physicians to monitor this biologic therapy and optimize treatment. Careful monitoring of drug and antidrug antibodies is considered key to optimizing biologic therapy.  As a drug tolerant test, Anser® UST measures both serum drug concentrations and antidrug antibody levels from a single serum sample.

Prometheus Laboratories Inc.New Serum Test Is First to Measure and Monitor Mucosal Healing in Crohn's Disease 

Prometheus Laboratories Inc. introduces a comprehensive new serum test that measures and monitors mucosal healing status in Crohn's disease patients. The new test—PROMETHEUS® Monitr™ Crohn's Disease—is the first of its kind, providing a valuable, noninvasive tool for patient management.  Monitr™ gives the physician a high degree of flexibility for assessing mucosal disease; the test can be used as an adjunct to endoscopy or by itself, between endoscopies, allowing for more frequent, noninvasive monitoring.

Target Markets:
Primary Care, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine

Alex Azar, Vice President of International Sales
San Diego, CA+1 (858) 218-4681


RAD-Planning Partners with Upright Consulting and Dr. Fouad Azab for Private Health Facility Development and Operation in Saudi Arabia and the GCC 

RAD-Planning, the international leader in strategy, planning, and operations for medical imaging facilities, has partnered with Upright Consulting, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to help deliver expert services to the Kingdom and the GCC states. In addition, RAD-Planning has also partnered with Dr. Fouad Azab to provide start-up and management consulting for imaging and clinical care facilities.

Target Sectors:
Imaging, Radiology, Privatization

Robert Junk, President
Kansas City, MO +1-816-810-8597

RMS Medical Products

RMS Medical Products receives 510(k) FDA Clearance for Integrated Infusion System
The Freedom System is cleared by FDA for both SCIg and Antibiotics

RMS Medical Products is pleased to announce FDA clearance for its comprehensive integrated mechanical infusion system; FREEDOM60®, FreedomEdge® and ancillary products used for subcutaneous (SubQ) medications, such as immunoglobulins, and intravenous (IV) medications, including antibiotics. RMS has the science and technology that stands behind the products. All our products are CE marked and have long proven track records of successful use with patients worldwide. All our products are designed and made in USA.



Target Sectors:
Specialty Pharmacies, Home Health Care, Hospitals

Michelle Mathias, Marketing Manager
Chester, New York 845-469-2042

Sanrai International

Sanrai International Launches Innovative Technology in the Emerging Markets 
Products in Respiratory, Sleep, Consumables, Orthopedics, Telemedicine, Audiology, Infusion, and Neonatology

Sanrai International, with offices in 5 regions, is launching innovative products in 2018! Our products range from hospital to retail with new offerings in catheter fixation, cooling sprays and bandages, sterilizable orthopedic drills, breast pumps, and sleep therapy. These devices are cost effective, disruptive technologies supported by the Sanrai commitment to education, training, and technical support. Come to Booth B.70 to see a sample!

Target Sector:
Healthcare Innovation

Amarpreet Rai, Director of Operations and Development
Endicott, New York 607-429-8070

Scar Heal / Rejuvaskin

Scar Heal / Rejuvaskin Co. proud to be first-time exhibitors at Arab Health!
USA skin healing products now available across the MENA/GCC region

Scar Heal / Rejuvaskin, a US manufacturer founded in 1988, utilizes the most innovative technology in our products that are proven to improve the appearance of scars and aged skin. Our medical products are FDA and CE approved and the cosmetic products are FDA and CE registered. Scar Heal is proud to offer  products in over 65 countries including the MENA/GCC regions.


Target Sectors:
Scar Management, skin care, cosmetics

Darwin Salls Jr., General Manager
Tampa, FL+1-727-535-0022

SCC Soft Computer

SCC Soft Computer (SCC) earns certification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards

SCC Soft Computer (SCC) announced today that its Client Services division has achieved certification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards. SCC achieved certification under the SCP Support Standard after an extensive audit of their Clearwater, Florida customer service / technical support center. The SCP Standards quantify the effectiveness of customer service and support based upon a stringent set of performance standards and represent best practices in the industry.


Target Sectors:
Laboratory Information Systems, Genetics Information Systems, Software

Jordanne Cole, PR and Events Specialist
Clearwater, FL 727-789-0100

ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions

New ECG Patch Holter
ScottCare offers new novi+ Holter monitoring patch

ScottCare (USA) introduces novi+, our newest patch Holter monitor that provides up to 3 channels of ECG in a discreet, water-resistant, single-patch hook-up; automated recording start and shutoff; double-tap event marking; and a rechargeable built-in battery. Available with HolterCare™ diagnostic software and EHR integration.

Target Sectors:
Non-invasive monitoring and testing, Diagnostic cardiology equipment, ECG equipment

Daryl Lehman, International Product Specialist
Cleveland, OH 12163620550 x179

Segami Corporation

Segami Corporation offers Global Solutions addressing Local Needs
To meet the global demand for Nuclear Medicine and Multi-modality solutions, Segami is expanding its reach into the Middle East with Oasis.

With Oasis already installed in a few major hospitals in the region, Segami is looking to expand its customer base. Segami continues to develop advanced platforms, including remote, mobile solutions and cloud computing capabilities for the global market. Oasis allows an unprecedented degree of customization to accommodate local procedures.

Oasis continues to evolve on the clinical side with the addition of CerQuant, a new brain quantification software and MIDyS - Multi-modality Imaging Dosimetry Software. With a growing number of distribution channels, Segami is well placed to succeed in its vision of global expansion.

Target Sectors:
Hospitals, Diagnostic Imaging Centers and Healthcare.

Segami is currently poised to target the Hospitals and Diagnostic Imaging Centers involved in Nuclear Medicine Imaging. In addition, Segami's collaboration with several PACS providers has resulted in advanced NM solutions integrated with PACS, streamlining workflow to increase efficiency, productivity and provide quality care. 

Shashi Duraiswami, COO
Columbia, MD 410-381-2311

Shippert Medical / Summit Medical

Shippert Medical and Summit Medical have United to Offer You More!
ENT, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Instrument Sterilization, and Jaw Stabilization Products

We have combined the 74-year legacies, experience and expertise of Shippert Medical and Summit Medical to help our medical professional partners elevate the delivery of care to improve patient outcomes.  Our trusted products still include the Rhino Rocket®, the Denver Splint®, Thermoplast, Liposuction cannulas, the Tissu-Trans® for fat grafting, the EarPopper®, InstruSafe for instrument sterilization protection, and the new MinneTies for Jaw Stabilization.


Target Sectors:
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Trauma Surgeons

Allison Therwhanger, President
Centennial, CO 303-754-0044

Therafirm a Division of Knit-Rite Inc.

Therafirm Adds Patterned Styles to Popular Core-Spun Line
Gradient compression just got more fashionable.

Core-Spun by Therafirm is known for soft, comfortable everyday socks with the added benefit of true gradient compression. Now these great socks are available in four fashionable patterns and three compression levels: 10-15mmHg Light; 15-20mmHg Mild; and 20-30mmHg Moderate.

Gradient compression improves blood flow, improves circulation, and prevents swelling. Ultra-stretchy and soft, Core-Spun socks are easier to put on and comfortable for all-day wear. Moisture-wicking yarns move moisture up and out of the foot area.

Target Sectors:
Distributors of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Pharmacies.

Michelle Byrne, International/Special Accounts Manager
Hamlet, NC 913-424-4145

TWI Group

Strengthening Medical Industry Presence

We are pleased to announce the addition of Clint Ard to our team of trade show specialists.   Clint’s dedication to the medical industry since 1999 to provide All-inclusive shipping services for trade shows helps strengthens our position as your preferred shipping partner.  Regardless of destination worldwide, our team of medical show specialists including Aleigha Andersen and Nichole Johnson will provide you the Peace of Mind you need for all your trade show shipping needs.

Target Sectors:
Trade Show Logistics, Trade Show Shipping

Clinton Ard, Managing Director
Las Vegas, NV 702-691-9062

U.S. Sanitizers, LLC, safeHands Product Division


The FDA has reacted to a study performed at the highly respected University of Florida Research Center which found the presence of alarming amounts of alcohol based hand sanitizers in the blood stream of nurses using the product frequently throughout the day.  The study was a reaction to nurses, who were recovering alcoholics complaining about false positive tests for alcohol.  The result is some markets banning alcohol hand sanitizers.

Read the FDA annoucement here

Target Sectors:
Schools/Day Care, Hospitals and Consumers

Antoine Abiyounes, CEO
Dunwoody, GA 404-247-1924

USA Health Supply, Inc.

USA Health Supply
Manufactured, packaged, & tested in the USA

USA Health Supply is USA-based company, marketer of dietary supplements and vitamins with high quality standards and trustworthy products. Our product classified into 5 categories, which are Vitamin & Minerals, Women's Health, Men's Health, Appearance and General Health. To assure of our products’ safety and efficacy, all USA Health Supply products are manufactured, packaged, & tested in the USA. USA Health Supply is expanding our
global network of experienced import distributors who are supported exclusively in marketing our products in their communities.

Target Sector:
Distributor and wholesaler

Cass Yip, General Manager
Las Vegas, NV +85231888017

Victoria World Wide

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM With Collagen Cream
Pain reliever

Our product helps to regenerate and rebuild cartilage tissue. Has nutrient derived from seashell and has beneficial effect on articulation pathologies.

Furthermore, it promotes lubricating fluids in the joints and increases articular mobility. It helps to maintain articulatory elasticity and to regenerate connective tissue and Collagen.
Learn More

Target Sectors:
Health & Dietary Products, Herbal Products & Supplements, Cosmetics

Luis Alvarez, VP Finance & Operations
Miami, FL 305-895-7077






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